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When it comes to your health, make no compromises.

Liz Howard is a certified and licensed nutritionist helping people achieve better quality of life through food and lifestyle changes.  Her nutrition counseling and coaching programs have helped thousands of people lose weight, increase energy, sleep better, decrease stress, and manage chronic or acute illnesses.  Here's what people are saying!

Liz helped my daughter understand her celiac disease and how food can heal.  We toured grocery stores, looking at the brands and learning how to read labels.  Liz provided valuable tools to my daughter about where gluten can “hide” so that she could properly navigate her condition on her own.  No one compares to Liz with her knowledge of food and nutrition.  My daughter has been following her supportive plan for more than a year and is finally reaping the rewards of true healing.

After Liz helped my daughter to overcome her medical health issues, I also began working with Liz to transform my health at the ripe age of 60+.  Liz asked me what I liked and disliked and then customized the program for me, including hand-made fresh pressed juices and liquids.  Liz was also there to help when I had questions.  She is now teaching me to juice on my own, and I’m learning the health benefits of eating properly.  The best thing about healing your body is that you feel better, you lose weight, and you have more energy.  The value of working with Liz is life changing and a new way to live.

Melva Willis
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