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Mindful Eating Workshop Series

Join a group of individuals seeking support in correct-ing mindless eating practices through the use of tools, group discussion and support, and class exercises.  

Lending focus and support to mindful eating can improve eating habits, increase consumption of healthy foods and in a healthier way, and even decrease weight.  Stress and associated disorders with eating abound.  Isn't it time you took control?  Aren't you worth it?  

This is a 4-week class series that offers a weekly meal plan and grocery list, in-class exercises, group discussion and support, exploration of mindless eating and mindful eating tools, behavior correction, and more.  Participants also receive one 30-minute private appointment with the instructor.  This series is being offered as part of the 35-Day Winter Wellness Warm-up.  It begins February 21st, 2023 and ends March 14th, 2023.  

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