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Meet Liz Howard

Elizabeth Howard (Liz) began her transformational whole foods journey in the raw foods movement while living on the West Coast more than 16 years ago. Her passion for whole foods, combined with a desire to help individuals facing food and health challenges, led her to leave a successful career in the environmental field and pursue further training as a nutritional therapist. For more than 12 years she was a practicing board certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP). She has held a Master of Science (MS) degree in Nutrition for more than 6 years, is a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) through the Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists (BCNS), and is a Licensed Dietician Nutritionist (LDN).

As a Functional Nutritionist, Liz has counseled thousands of individuals, including many in one-on-one programs to help them better understand food as both a source of fuel and a source of healing. She provides clinical support to other practitioners and individuals personally, such as lab analysis and nutritional follow-up for a variety of conditions including: digestive imbalances (IBS, GERD, gastritis, pancreatitis, bowel disease, fatty liver etc.), bariatrics, weight and metabolic management, thyroid conditions, autoimmune conditions, cardiovascular concerns, mental health, and more.

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