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Liquids and Micronutritionals

In today’s world we are simultaneously challenged with nutrient depletion due to large-scale farming methods and stripped top soil, and bombarded at the same time by environmental toxins permeating our land, water, air and food.  Studies by the USDA have concluded that we must eat 65 bowls of spinach to equal the nutrition in one bowl in the 1950’s.  This means that in order to thrive, prevent disease, and live our lives, we need much more support than has been available in the past.  I provide the added support, know-how, and awareness to navigate these contemporary challenges, guiding you to make healthy and conscious choices on a daily basis. 

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BEAM MINERALS:  Your top choice for the full spectrum of minerals optimized for absorption in fulvic and humic acids.  In today's world minerals are the most challenging micronutrient to both find at optimal levels in our foods, and to absorb due to the compromised food complexes and also digestive challenges.  These mineral complexes contribute as the spark plugs for all body reactions and even facilitate safe detoxification.  

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I create fresh pressed juices, soups, and other liquids to offer superior nutritional benefits in a convenient format, which are designed to quickly improve health when integrated properly into your routine.  For the busy individual in our modern world, this is key.  The polyphenols, live enzymes, and unprecedented antioxidants extracted from whole organic produce are concentrated into one tasty bottle.  These beverages and liquids quickly nourish and energize the microbiome, which then positively communicates to our anti-aging genes that determine so much about our health.  While health is built gradually, step-by-step, nutrient dense raw liquids and superfoods can quickly bolster immunity and lay the most solid of foundations. 

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Micronutritionals, supplements, and nutraceuticals may be familiar terms to you, or they may be part of a confusing new vocabulary.  As a holistic and functional nutritionist, my training has allowed me to explore and proficiently utilize the highest quality herbals, nutraceutical formulations, and foods with skill and success.  As a certified nutritionist with a masters degree and additional extensive training, I have incorporated the highest quality micronutritional, professional-grade products into a wide array of health programs while respecting bio-individuality.  Whether your concern is difficult digestion, GERD, bariatrics / gastric surgery, weight loss, cardiovascular & metabolic concerns, specific deficiencies (anemia, vitamin D resistance etc.), endocrinology (such as thyroid & PCOS), neurological health concerns (depression, anxiety, MS, etc), detoxification, infections, and more, I have seen the application of specialized micronutritional supplementation provide extensive benefits. 

I skillfully evaluate each client, allowing their signature program to be defined by his or her own unique bio-individuality.  Micronutritional assessment can be taken in increments and may change based on your nutritional progress, environment & lifestyle elements, and the unique conditions or challenges you are facing.  Having a certified and skilled nutritionist work with you to build a gameplan with the appropriate professional-grade micronutritionals is both critical and game-changing. 

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