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The 21-Day Community Rejuv-enation Program begins April 2023

" This experience empowered me to take responsibility for my diet and allowed me the means to focus on self-improvement through good health. "

~Gabe P.

Program Description:  

The 21-Day Community Rejuvenation Program is a planned, in-person event happening this April 2023 in the Fredericksburg, VA area (location to be determined) in support of personal and group transformation. This program provides lifestyle and dietary support to regain energy, set better habits, lose unwanted fat, support immunity, reboot the metabolism, detoxify organs, and much more. Contact Liz for further information and to obtain an application at:

The program provides an additional week of rebalancing support offering tips for integrating elements of the program into your journey beyond.  Thus the program provides a full 28-days of support.

The program takes an intimate group of participants through a modified food program which emphasizes healthier food choices. Subsequently, the program moves further into a metabolic reboot and into a manageable detoxification that includes 45 liquids (pressed juices / shooters / detox drinks / smoothies / soups) and supplements support. Participants are encouraged to consume liquid food and eat food recommended on the program.  The option for a "Gentler" or "Deeper" program is offered.  The base program finishes with implanting a solid means for "regrowing your garden".   Day-by-day and week-by-week instruction is provided with this experience. Additional classes and circle support from participants is included. A culinary demo and opportunities for enjoying meal-time as a group are provided. 

For those who like group experiences, this program is for you.  Join the more than 60 people who have changed their lives by taking the plunge.l

A pre-screening for the program is required as well as an application.  

Set up your Pre-Screen with Liz to get started:

Do you have food sensitivities or allergies?
What are your present health concerns?

We'll be in touch shortly!

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